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The Truth About Your Relationship 7 Week Program

Truth About Your Relationship 7 Week Program 


In 7 Weeks your love life will be transformed and you will….

  • be prepared for the relationship God has for you

  • be happy

  • be happy with yourself and your love life

  • make healthy relationship decisions

  • have clarity about your relationship

  • know which relationships to avoid

  • avoid relationship pitfalls

  • get unstuck and out of unhealthy relationships

  • be less frustrated, irritated, and confused

  • no longer question him or yourself

 So, are you ready

  • To Accept the Truth About Your Relationship

  • To Let Go of Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

  • To Avoid Relationship Pitfalls

  • To Make Room for the Relationship God has for you


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7 Keys to Accepting the Truth, Letting Go, and Making Room for the Relationship God has for You

Week 1

Key #1 – Believe Him 

Week 2

Key #2 – He’s Not Ready

Week 3

Key #3 – The Good Woman Syndrome

Week 4

Key # 4 – Trying to Change His Mind

Week 5

Key # 5 – Pleasing Him

Week 6

Key #6 – Spending Time with Him 

Week 7

Key #7 – Putting Your Life On Hold

Week 8

Bonus Week – Putting it All Together


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Building Stronger Relationships for a Lifetime of Commitment and Love