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Building Stronger Relationships for a Lifetime of Commitment and Love

Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.



Rebuild * Reconnect * Recommit


  • Lack of communication or no communication in your relationship

  • Communication has decreased in your relationship

  • Living more like roommates, instead of as a couple

  • For the last 3 – 6 months, there’s been no communication or an increase in arguing, conflicts, or drama

  • Infidelity has hit your relationship and you want to stay together and work through it?

  • You want to try one last time before you throw in the towel?

  • Tired of fighting about the same issues?

  • Ready to improve your communication skills?

  • At a place in your marriage or relationship, where you don’t like each other anymore?

  • Ready to fall in love all over again?

  • Constant conflicts causing you to feel sad, depressed, lonely, disrespected, taken for granted, devalued, misunderstood, dishonored, or unappreciated?

  • Ready to have and build a happy, loving, strong, lasting, healthy relationship together?

  • Ready to build a healthy, loving, lasting, strong, solid relationship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then relationship/couples/marriage counseling is for you.

Relationships are sometimes difficult to maintain, but not impossible, and to have and build a healthy, loving, and lasting relationship, it takes two people willing to work together to build strong foundation. Relationships don’t just happen, they take work, time, energy, and a lot of dying to SELF.


When it comes to relationships, you have to remember that you are merging your environments, upbringings, values, likes, beliefs, dislikes, family issues, personal issues, thought process, and differences together to create a marriage between two imperfect people. Marriage and developing a healthy relationship takes WORK.


I work with couples who are ready to go to the next level and ready to improve their relationship skills, ready to learn how to build a healthy relationship, build a healthy, strong and lasting marriage/relationship, ready to learn how to manage conflict, want to learn to trust again, and develop healthy ways to communicate.

I can help you improve your relationship, build a healthy relationship, build a healthy and strong marriage/relationship manage conflict, and improve your communication with each other.


I use a variety of techniques and resources to help you enhance your relationship skills, improve communication, manage conflict, and increase your love for each other.


Services include the following:

  • Longer intensive sessions
  • Interactive sessions
  • Early mornings, Late evenings, and Saturday Options
  • Relationship Assessments
  • Assessment feedback sessions to review results, to discuss strengths and challenges of the relationship, and to provide recommendations for ways to strengthen your relationship
  • Proven research-based approach to strengthening relationships
  • Scheduled sessions using Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Prepare/Enrich, and Safe Conversations (coming soon)
  • Action Plans/Homework to complete between sessions to build and enhance healthy relationship skills

Working with me, you will learn: 

  • how to successfully manage conflict
  • how to communicate effectively
  • how to communicate your needs, wants and desires honestly and respectfully
  • how to decrease frustration when things don’t go as planned or go your way
  • how to identify and address solvable problems, understand, appreciate, and respect your differences
  • practical tools to empower you and your mate to dialogue about your worst issues, identify solutions to your problems, and steps to take to manage those problems
  • how to process fights and heal hurts
  • how to have, develop, and maintain a loving, lasting, healthy, and strong marriage

Recommended Books and Books Used in Sessions

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*Note* To ensure I provide couples with the best possible service, I offer longer, interactive sessions called intensive. I work with couples who want to strengthen their marriage, strengthen their relationship, strengthen their communication skills, strengthen their love for each other, and who want to learn how to manage conflict and other relationship issues effectively. 



 Couples love us! See our reviews on The Knot.

Building Stronger Relationships for a Lifetime of Commitment and Love