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Let Love In

LoveSometimes it’s hard to open your heart again to love. When you’ve given your all, when you’ve loved hard, when you’ve loved unconditionally, when you’ve loved with all your heart and with sincerity. People often associate pain and hurt with love; you hear things like “love hurts and it hurts to love.” But that’s not the case, it’s the actions of the other person, that hurt and causes pain. So, don’t confuse love with hurt and pain.

When you love someone so much, and they treat you bad, don’t value you, takes you for granted, and act as if your feelings don’t matter, there’s a pain you feel that you can’t explain, there’s a numbness in your body that you can’t explain, there’s an emptiness you feel that’s hard to fill, and a void in your life that shows up unannounced. You may feel this way now or you may have felt this way in the past, but just because have, doesn’t mean you should shut love out for good and not let love back in.

You can experience love again, love will come knocking at your door again, and it may come unexpectedly. The question becomes, will you be ready?

You may have had your share of ups and downs, and the possibility of love again may seem far away. It’s hard to love again, and the fear of opening your heart to someone new is sometimes painful and unbearable. But if you want to experience love again, you have to let go of the fear of what might happen, let go of the fear of what might not happen, let go of the fear of having another failed relationship, and let go of the fear of being hurt again.

Open your heart and let love in, do this on purpose, scared, shaking, nervous, and in fear….open your hear again to let love in. Yes, I know the last time you did it, you ended up disappointed, hurt, frustrated, mad, sad, and you told yourself that you will never let anyone get that close again. But don’t be afraid, let love in.

Do you secretly want love again, and too afraid to admit it? Don’t let fear overtake you and keep you from finding love, again.

Don’t let what happen in your past relationships keep you from love. Just because it didn’t work out the last time doesn’t mean that it won’t work out this time. Take a risk when it comes to love, let your guards down, let the walls down, be vulnerable again, let him in, allow him the opportunity to get to know you…the real you, don’t be so quick to judge him, don’t automatically assume that he’s going to do you wrong, don’t be so afraid that he might not like you, don’t do or say things to push him away, have fun while getting to know him, and don’t punish him for what the last guy did.

So, the next time you meet someone, be open, don’t shut down and don’t shut him out. Give love a chance, you never know where or when it will show up again. Choose today to let love in!

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Dr. LaWanda N. EvansDr. LaWanda N. Evans empowers and encourages women to love themselves, make healthy relationship decisions, and embrace positive changes in life that lead to happiness and improvement in their emotional and mental health. She encourages women to believe in themselves, to reach their full potential, to achieve their goals, provides practical solutions for dealing with relationship issues, and helps them identify and overcome obstacles that impact their personal and professional growth, develop, and success. Dr. Evans specializes in helping women overcome unhealthy relationship patterns and relationship struggles, avoid relationship pitfalls, and teaches women how to overcome hurt and let go of the past to embrace and make room for the relationship God has for them. She helps women decrease, manage, and overcome depression and stress, become emotionally and mentally healthy, and builds their self-esteem and self-confidence. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Relationship Strategist, Speaker, Contributing Expert Writer for, Advocate for Youth Suicide Prevention, and owner of LNE Unlimited - Counseling and Emotional Wellness and the creator of The Truth About Your Relationship. Dr. Evans transforms the lives of women through counseling, coaching, speaking, and writing.View all posts by Dr. LaWanda N. Evans »

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