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20 Ways to Have Engaging Conversations with Your Mate   

  1. Tell me about your day or how was your day?
  2. What were the things that stressed, concerned, or bothered you the most today?
  3. What was it about your day that made it great, interesting, ok, etc?
  4. Tell me more about that
  5. How can I meet your needs?
  6. What hurts you the most about what happen?
  7. If you can change anything about the situation what would it be?
  8. I love spending time with you or spending time with you makes me feel _____, what would you like to do today, tomorrow, this weekend, etc?
  9. I would love to hear your thoughts about_____.
  10. What was so exciting about today?
  11. You seem stressed, what do you need from me or what can I do to help you relax?
  12. When time permits, I would love to share_____with you and hear your thoughts.
  13. What are your plans for the weekend, today, or tomorrow, I was thinking we could_______, what are your thoughts?
  14. What was the last book you read and how did it impact you?
  15. I was thinking we could read_______, what are your thoughts?
  16. What are your thoughts about visiting _______?
  17. What areas of your life would you like to improve or change, and how can I support you?
  18. What are the issues in our relationship we should work on and how should be go about working on them?
  19. How can I support you or what do you need from me as you pursue your goals?
  20. What are you willing to change, so we/our relationship can be better?


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Dr. LaWanda N. EvansDr. LaWanda N. Evans empowers and encourages women to love themselves, make healthy relationship decisions, and embrace positive changes in life that lead to happiness and improvement in their emotional and mental health. She encourages women to believe in themselves, to reach their full potential, to achieve their goals, provides practical solutions for dealing with relationship issues, and helps them identify and overcome obstacles that impact their personal and professional growth, develop, and success. Dr. Evans specializes in helping women overcome unhealthy relationship patterns and relationship struggles, avoid relationship pitfalls, and teaches women how to overcome hurt and let go of the past to embrace and make room for the relationship God has for them. She helps women decrease, manage, and overcome depression and stress, become emotionally and mentally healthy, and builds their self-esteem and self-confidence. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Relationship Strategist, Speaker, Contributing Expert Writer for, Advocate for Youth Suicide Prevention, and owner of LNE Unlimited - Counseling and Emotional Wellness and the creator of The Truth About Your Relationship. Dr. Evans transforms the lives of women through counseling, coaching, speaking, and writing.View all posts by Dr. LaWanda N. Evans »

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